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Anatomy of a Great YouTube Custom Thumbnail

Well what do I do to make mine in PowerPoint or Keynote

Creating a YouTube Custom Thumbnail  is really important for your video click through rate.

Not sure if my thumbnail is great but you will certainly see why I do mine a certain way and what the elements are including.

I cover :
1. YouTube Custom Thumbnails – On Screen Text
2. YouTube Custom Thumbnails – Relevant Images
3. YouTube Custom Thumbnails – Image of you
4. YouTube Custom Thumbnails – Brand logo and tag
5. YouTube Custom Thumbnails – Branding elements
6. YouTube Custom Thumbnails – Vertical element for related videos
7. YouTube Custom Thumbnails – Borders to stand out from a white background

As a result of watching this video I hope you get some ideas to create a YouTube Custom Thumbnails template of your own that leads to a higher click through rate and more views for your videos.

I make mine in PowerPoint or Keynote and you don’t need to be a graphic designer or know how to use Photoshop.

So please tell me what do you do with yours and why do you create your custom thumbnails that way?

Anthony Idle
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