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Anthony Idle, MBA, FAIM, ADipEngGoogle Certified Adwords Professional

Anthony Idle, MBA, FAIM, ADipEng
Google Certified Adwords Professional

My qualifications are a MBA with Strategy & Marketing concentrations and I’ve also been a General Manager of a $26 mil national Biz in the USA where I was charged with making the brand a national player and making the culture sales orientated.

I’m a Google Certified Adwords (Pay Per Click) Professional and I have a Cert IV Training and Assessor Qualification.

Things I Stand Against

These are things not about me that I need to have a rant about:

  1. Hype in marketing. Tell it like it is. Nothing I sell will make you a millionaire overnight. Stop with the Guru / Expert BS.
  2. Selling products you don’t need. It is good practice to split test ads and review monthly. You don’t have to. You might have a conversion problem. Leave the ads alone if traffic is good. (& Don’t buy LinkedIn premium)
  3. Social Media Number Collectors. If you link with me on LinkedIn I expect to talk to you in person. If you don’t want to ever talk to me, don’t link with me. FULL STOP! Online relationships are real to me and I will be genuinely trying to help you. Don’t waste my time and be disrespectful.
  4. Pushy self interested sellers. I get lots of people selling to me who only care about the sale. Notice to all you peeps – give before you take!

Now that I have that off my chest ..

A few personal things About me:

  • Three places I have lived: Wollongong, Brisbane, Memphis Tennessee
  • Three places I have visited and loved: Chang Mai Thailand, Bichonet Tasmania, Routeburn Trail NZ
  • Three of my favourite foods: Lamb shanks on mash, Hot Thai stir fry, Pizza
  • Three places I’d rather Be: Surfing at Cabarita, Skiing in Japan, Trekking in the Himalayas, Mountain Biking with mates in TN
  • Three favourite bands: UNKLE, Gomez, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • Three favourite movies: Anything Clint Eastwood, Wild at Heart, American Beauty
  • Three favourite TV Shows: Seinfeld, Mad Men, Northern Exposure
  • Three things I am looking forward to: Seeing my kids grow up healthy and happy, Business in a field I’m passionate about coming easier, Being a more comfortable/ natural net worker

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