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Don’t you hate when people speak in technical jargon or are so full of hype that you can’t believe a word they say let alone take any action to improve your business? That is a complete waste of time, and that is something that these days no one can afford.

We all have so much on our plates and the world is exploding with things to keep up with.You just want to take a straight line to your destination not the scenic route that stops at all ports. And rather than do it all yourself wouldn’t it be great if you had a group to support you that you could ask questions of and get specific advice?

This course shows you how to get higher organic Google rankings safely without being slapped. The table below shows you how this site ranks internationally on Google mid Feb 2014.

This sites world organic Google ranking mid Feb 2014.

This sites world organic Google ranking mid Feb 2014 as tracked by Market Samurai software.


Why Create a Free Video Marketing Course ?

I think there are basics which every small, medium or local business should know and there is a short window of opportunity for a course like this.

There are three major drivers making it imperative for all businesses to use video marketing for their online activities. They are :

  • The rollout of high speed internet connections. Where it used to take 4 hours to download a Hollywood movie it is soon going to take 1 minute and 7 seconds.
  • The rapid uptake of mobile devices. By 2017 90% of all traffic on the internet is expected to be video traffic and the majority of it will be consumed via tablets and smart phones.
  • Generation and X & Y are getting older and a new Generation C is emerging as the new entrepreneurs. The creators of Content are surpassing traditional bricks and mortar businesses. You can either join them or fight them.

The purpose of this free online video marketing course is to give small, medium and local businesses the knowledge and step by step instructions to be able to catch and ride these winds of change directly to their goal to enable long term success.

Video Branding Results

Video Impacts Brand Perception – 139% higher brand association, 97% higher purchase intent, 35% higher brand favorability, and 14% higher brand recall”

“Video drives purchase behaviours – 46% increase in online conversion rates, 64% of consumers search online to research,45% then go to store to purchase, People who view videos are 85% more likely to buy than those who don’t.”

What are the 4 Steps of the Free Video Marketing Course?

The 4 steps selected are the basics of online video marketing. They should be considered as building blocks upon which to develop intermediate and advanced strategies. They are a ticket to the game where business people who do not have these resources in place will not be able to execute the higher level campaigns.

Week 1 Content Strategy

To be a content producer you need to have a plan to give your audience what it wants. By performing keyword research you can find out what phrases are the most searched and which phrases have the least competition bidding for your audiences attention. When the research is used to create categories on your website you can boost your ranking in Google. We will do the research together and I will show you how to think like your clients to develop a content strategy.

Week 2 Shoot Mobile Video

The best camera you have to shoot video is the one you already have. You shouldn’t need to buy an expensive professional camera, sound and lighting set up and if you did it would be a waste of money unless you intend to turn into a video pro. The iPhone 5 has an 8 megapixle camera that when used correctly shoots fine looking video. I will show you how to use it correctly and demonstrate a couple of apps to get the best video you can from next to no budget at all.

Week 3 How to Video Blog

I believe the core content on your website should be video due to the 3 factors above but how do you get it from YouTube onto your site? In this weeks group learning I will show you how to create a video blog post. They are called vlogs are there are a number of things we can do on the page to help you get more traffic to your website.

Week 4 Google Analytics Basics

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that gives you data about your online marketing efforts. The problem is that it is so complex it has become like an aircraft cockpit. In this first week will install and set up Google Analytics on your website and learn the basics so you can turn data into information that you can use to make practical improvements to your site.

Video Social Media

“Videos generate 100% more engagement than the average post according to Facebook’s own figures.





How will the 4 Week Free Video Marketing Course Run?

When you sign up below you will be given access to the introduction page and the 1 st module. Then a week later I will email you access to week 2 and so on.

It will take you about an hour to get through the content in each module. Maybe a bit more depending on your computer literacy.

In the membership area I provide worksheets and videos & cheat sheets to guide you step by step towards achieving the weeks objective.

There is a course members only  LinkedIn group.

In that forum we will discuss specific issues and share learning and results from the weeks training. It is another place to learn from one another and get feedback or help from myself.

Video SEO


“Video Helps with SEO -Videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than their plain text counterparts. “


How do you sign up?

If you want to get in on this FREE video marketing course, all you need to do is to add your name and email address to the contact form below now. You get instant access to the 1st weeks materials.

Then each week get an email telling you what new lessons you have unlocked.

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